Is Gildan Really as Bad as Everyone Thinks?

When people first start looking up the best blanks to print on, Gildan seems to be the one brand everyone loves to hate. If you look up the reviews on this model, everyone seems to say it’s rough, uncomfortable, and cheap. But if it’s really as bad as everyone says, why do so many brands print on Gildan?

Let’s get one thing out of the way, Gildan is not a poor-quality brand. They have several models, some of which are just as good as other premium brands. But I look at it like this, if you are buying a computer, companies have different models with different specs. If you buy the cheapest model, of course it’s going to be terrible. But if you spend a little more money, then you will get a much better product.

I personally use the Gildan 64000 soft style tee to print some of my designs on. This is a “fitted” tee. And it has that “fitted” fit. It’s true to size and has a nice snug to it. But it also feels pretty soft, and that’s because it is ring-spun cotton, or cotton where the threads are slightly longer, so you won’t feel that itch (which is from cotton rubbing against you).

I’ve done a few tests where I would compare this product to other models. When I would run these tests, I would compare it to other popular t-shirt models (all of which have higher reviews if you google them). And to my surprise, several people said the Gildan was their favorite. Nobody has ever complained about the quality because a lot of what you read online is from t-shirt snobs who would never admit that a cheap shirt could feel really good.

Is the Gildan 64000 my favorite t-shirt? Absolutely not. But it is a very comfortable and well fitting shirt. If you’re looking to start your first clothing line, you can’t go wrong with this model. One recommendation I do have is rebranding it with your own logo so people won’t hate it just because it’s a Gildan shirt. Plus that shows that you are serious about your new business.

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