Printful Review

When it comes to print-on-demand, Printful is without a doubt one of the best companies to partner with. They’ve spent years building their brand and even now continue to add more and more features, most recently adding embroidery and making it easier to add custom labels.

Quality: 10/10

In my opinion, quality is the most important thing to consider when looking for a long term partner. When it comes to Printful, they don’t disappoint. I’ve ordered dozens of test products from them, and the quality has always been top-notch. The colors are bright and bold, and the lines are crisp. For the most part, what’s printed on the fabric will look identical to what’s on your computer screen.

The bottom is from Printful

Pricing: 9/10

The second most important thing to consider when choosing a print-on-demand partner is prices. Of course you are going to want to go with the absolute cheapest items, but it’s a little more tricky than it initially appears. The example I’m going to talk about is the Gildan soft-style tee. On Printify, you can get the shirt for about $7, while it’s about $9 on Printful. But where Printful beats out all of its competition is in shipping. Every other POD company uses flat-rate shipping. Printify is $4 and a couple others are $5. Printful uses dynamic shipping and is usually around $2.50. So when I was ordering samples from different print providers, they all came to $11 and some change. But Printful’s quality was the best.

Nobody likes waiting a month to get something they bought online. When I was testing different manufacturers, this turned out to be a bigger deal than I initially thought. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but it turns out that I hated waiting 3 weeks to get something (we’ve all been spoiled by 2 day shipping). But every time I used Printful, I got my items within a week and a half. Other POD companies took up to a month! Needless to say, I don’t use them for anything.

Selection: 8/10

After all of those positives, this brings me to one area where I don’t think Printful wins: selection. They have everything from shirts to crop tops to dresses to hats. Unfortunately, there is a low color selection with some of items. Obviously, they have white, black, dark blue, and gray, but other companies offer more of the unique colors, like heathered green for the Gildan soft-style. Granted, how many times are most people going to print on those colors anyway? But that is worth noting.

Mock-ups: 10/10

Once you finish designing your product, you’re going to want to advertise it on your site. Obviously, ordering every product you want to sell and taking high resolution pictures of them isn’t always practical for everyone, especially when they are starting out. So I believe that you need to have good renders to advertise your products, and Printful has the best, hands down. No other company has better pictures of their clothing than them!

Printful Renders

Overall: 9/10

As your business grows, Printful is one of those companies that will grow with you. All of their products are top-notch. You can google reviews of all the different t-shirts they sell, but even their “worst” or “cheapest” is a good shirt. We will be reviewing a lot of their products over the next few weeks and talking about them in depth, but the truth is, no matter what you print on, with Printful, you can feel confident your customers won’t be disappointed with what they buy!

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