How To Stay Motivated

“Today, someone told me they were glad I failed. That’s the best motivation I ever had because I can’t wait to see their face when I win!”

When I initially launched my first ad campaign, I got a ton of engagement. People were liking, sharing, tagging, and every other form of engagement you could think of on Facebook. But guess how many link clicks I got? And guess how many sales I got? ZERO!

So if I’m trying to build a following for my blog, that’s probably the worst way to begin a post about motivation. But, if you’re about to launch a business then your first few attempts will most likely go like that. You can watch all the gurus show you how they built a business from nothing with a 10 dollar investment and copy their exact strategy, but you could still end up with no sales.

So after investing a lot of time and money but not seeing results, how could you possibly stay motivated? Well, that’s exactly what I want to talk about. Every successful person has gone through struggles. But what they did that most people won’t do is get up and try again. I know everyone pretends to be motivated, and they swear that they will always get back up and won’t accept failure, but let’s be honest, most people are lying to themselves.

Not everyone can be successful. That’s not a popular thing to say, but it’s the truth. And for a very long time I was not successful. In a previous post, I commented on how I’m not the smartest person by any stretch of the imagination. And on paper I would have been the worst candidate for a sales job. But the one thing I had that most people didn’t have was resilience. I hate losing. And I hate losing with a passion. Some have even said that the only reason I was able to become successful at anything was because I liked proving people wrong. And to their point, that may be true. But for me, that was my motivation. As silly and dumb as it may be, the desire to prove people wrong and be better than them was my motivation.

So how does this translate to you?

If you want to stay motivated, you need to have a reason. If you can’t identify a reason, you will quit. When things get hard, you will give up and find an easier way to make money. And for most people, that’s fine. But if you truly want to be great, to be successful, and to stay motivated long enough to see your idea become a success, you need to have a reason other than making money!

The best recommendation I have for figuring out your reason is identify something that makes you miserable about your current lifestyle. And this can literally be anything. Now think how great it would be to cut that out of your life, whatever it is! That’s your reason. Now write that down on a sticky note and put that somewhere you will see when you first wake up and before you go to bed. Read it and internalize it. If that reason is powerful enough, you will stay motivated long enough to see yourself become successful!

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