Why Businesses Fail

Part I

Especially now, in the age of social media, everyone seems to have an opinion. And unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t willing to step back and take a look at themselves; they’d rather fail than change their way of thinking. And it’s such a shame because there are a lot of bright people with great ideas that never quite take off because of their stubbornness.

I’ve been in sales for years. Now, I’m pretty good at it (I’m actually really good at it), but one thing I still do to this day is learn. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a smart guy, especially when it comes to business strategies and marketing. That was never my strongest quality. But where I always gained the edge was admitting that and finding smarter people to copy off of. Why spend time and waste money when I can just steal something someone else did?

I remember years ago I stepped into my first sales training. It felt like pretty much everyone else had a nicer suit and decades more experience than I did. And when I was talking to them, every single one of them was trying to convince me why their method was the best and how everyone else was inefficient and wrong. Then, one by one they all seemed to drop out and quit. Within one year, I was the only person still in sales from that class. On paper I was by far the worst. It’s funny because nobody wanted to work with me. I pretty much had to figure everything out on my own, and remember, I already admitted that I wasn’t the smartest person.

I would always talk to the people with the best results and ask them questions. I would tell them what I thought and almost every single time I opened my mouth, I realized how wrong my opinion was. And believe me when I say I sucked up my pride on a daily basis to learn and better myself. Long story short, I became one of the best. People actually came up to me and asked me questions after a while because I was able to suck up my pride long enough to listen and learn from the best.

So why do so many businesses fail? Simple, it’s because so many people aren’t willing to admit their opinion is wrong. So many people aren’t willing to come across as unknowledgeable. And so many people keep searching for someone that has the exact same opinion as they do, then convince themselves that regardless of the end results, their opinion is better than everyone who disagrees. People convince themselves of this until they completely fail and quit.

One belief I truly hold dear is to be humble enough to admit you’re wrong. When you are able to do this, you will become unstoppable!

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