Launching a Business

Before you launch a business, there are several things you should do to give it the best chance at being successful. First off, you need to have some sort of meaning to your business other than making money, especially in 2019. In addition to that, you need to select a niche. And finally, you need to have a business plan so you’re not just wasting time and money with no goal.

After nearly a month of intense planning, today is the day I’m relaunching my business, Thorn of Rapture. When I initially launched it, I didn’t have the best plan in place to make it successful, and the results showed. And while I did make sales, they weren’t consistent. But, I did learn how not to launch a brand.

As of today, my brand is about self-growth. I wanted to create products and designs that were both inspirational and exciting. Also, it’s something that anyone can relate to, and it’s something that will evolve over time.

My 100 Day Challenge

To kick off my relaunch, I’m challenging myself to a 100 day challenge. Essentially what I will be doing is creating one design every week day for the next 100 days. These designs will all be about self-growth and I’ll be blogging about the inspiration behind all of my designs! And to start, I decided to both create a new logo for “Forging an Empire” as well as release two shirts with the logo.

Support our blog by buying our shirts!

To be completely transparent, I didn’t plan on creating a logo until this morning when I was deciding what I should create. After going back and forth for a while, I wanted my first design to be the perfect extension of this blog. And I wanted to create something for this blog, which ultimately was our new logo.

I incorporated an anvil into my design with a metallurgical font and two hammers forging the logo. What it is intended to represent is the forging of my brand. It looks like it’s still being forged because my business is still growing!

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